Q&A ebook


20 Important and foundational questions that are often asked by Christians. This is a great read for those who want to establish a solid Biblical foundation and  a great resource to use when discipling a new believer.



When building a house, everyone understands that the foundations must be stable. This same principle applies to building the Christian life; we must have a secure Biblical foundation. Storms come against our lives, and without a solid foundation, the building can potentially collapse; however, with a rock-solid foundation that is based on the Word of God, our lives will stand the test of adverse circumstances. Our lives will be stable and dependable, and we will reach our full potential as followers of Jesus. This book has been written to provide a simple overview of some essential foundational truths essential to every believer. I have discovered that many Christians know what they believe, but they don’t know why they think it.

These 20 Chapters are designed to address some questions Christians often ask, and I trust the answers provided will give you a better understanding of the Word of God.