Evangelism II: Breaking down the barriers to effective evangelism Manual


Evangelism and missions go hand in hand. This manual will help you understand and reach out to the diverse cross-cultural mission field in your own backyard.


In this manual we will take a look at the Jewish people, who have a special place in God’s heart and God’s plans, and the Muslims, who continue growing in numbers and now make up almost twenty-four percent of the world’s population.

We will also examine cults and world religions as well as cover the basics of cross-cultural ministry. Our goal is for you to gain confidence and be better equipped so that you will fearlessly and boldly reach out to people of every background with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Cultural differences can be intimidating, but God has called us to be members of a diverse family. Every tribe and tongue and nation will be represented among God’s people. It is my prayer that this manual will help you to be a beacon of light to hurting people, no matter what their background.

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