eBible Institute Diploma of Christian Ministry


Enroll now to do a Diploma in Christian Ministry. Bible education is vital for every believer – get equipped! Grow in ministry and in your understanding of the Word of God through this life changing program.



Over 100,000 Christians worldwide have gone through this program. We believe in this program because of the highly favorable results witnessed over the last few years.

We have seen a steady increase in stability, maturity, loyalty, servant-hearted involvement, and the raising up of leaders. The ones who have been trained and discipled are often the first to rise to the challenge when there are difficult tasks or obstacles to overcome.

The program consists of fifteen topics, each one covering a subject that will give students a balanced understanding of the Word as well as skills pertaining to their walk and ministry.

You will be enrolled on our eBible Institute and receive access to the following sixteen powerful subjects:

  • Capture (Daily devotional)
  • Discovery
  • Healing School
  • Prayer School
  • Evangelism I
  • Principles of Faith
  • Knowing God’s Will and Voice
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Christian Character
  • Christian Stewardship
  • The Glorious Church
  • Theology and Life
  • Christian Leadership I
  • Christian Leadership II
  • Evangelism II
  • Christian Ministry

NOTE: At the successful completion of eBI there is an additional Diploma Fee of $25 for the physical diploma to be printed and mailed to the graduating student. Electronic Diploma certificates are free and emailed to the student on request. *Enrollment takes up to 48-72 hours