Capture! Stirring your heart for world harvest eBook


Let the message of this devotional seep into your soul and motivate you to break out of the mold, change your world, and fulfill the dream of God. (NOTE THAT THIS IS AN EBOOK)



As you embark on this quest for a deeper understanding of world missions, you will find yourself gaining a fresh revelation of the heart of God. I pray that as you turn the pages of this devotional, you allow yourself to smell the dust of the Third World, see the bustling ports of East Africa, feel the rice paddy villages of Southeast Asia, and get a sense of the poverty of the natives who have not yet heard the word of Christ’s grace that is lavished upon them in redemption.

Missions is foremost in the heart of God. The internet reaches more people in a year than the Church has reached in the last hundred years, and it is estimated that there are more e-mail addresses in the world than there are Christians. The systems of reaching people and advancing the Church are changing. It is an exciting age in which to be living, and we, as the Church, need to change too.