Breakfast of Champions eBook


Breakfast of Champions is a mid-week devotional written with the purpose of inspiring and empowering you to live the most effective, influential, God-filled life you can.



Welcome to Breakfast of Champions. A mid-week devotional written with the purpose of inspiring and empowering you to live the most effective, influential, God-filled life you can. Packed with wisdom and tips from his own colourful walk with God, Andy will inspire and challenge you to ‘run your best race. According to some, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This can be the case spiritually as well. This devotional, served up alongside your Bible each day, will give your spirit the nutrition and fibre it needs to grow strong and healthy.
Never despise the day of small beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10, KJV)
The history of Breakfast of Champions is a story worth telling, a story about how the seemingly little things we do can turn into great oak trees of accomplishments for God. While trying to pastor a football player who was playing abroad, Andy agreed to send him a verse and a thought on a midweek basis to encourage him, which he began to do. Over the next few months, he passed the thought on to a few other people ranging from pastors to sports and entertainment stars and business people, as he encountered need for it to encourage them.
Andy kept writing and sending these thoughts out on a daily basis, not knowing what was happening behind the scenes, thanks to the highway of the internet. One day he was too busy and did not send one. That afternoon, he received an email from a man in the Bahamas he didn’t know, asking where it was and telling of how he, himself, daily forwarded it to business people in five other nations. Andy suddenly became aware that his simple devotional, with its bad grammar, was going all across the world and many were now using it as a daily devotional tool. Suddenly realising this, he had it adapted into a more professional-looking devotional that would be sent more on a mid-week basis via the internet, free to whoever wanted it.
Breakfast of Champions has continued to grow in its popularity with many new opportunities ‘coming out of nowhere’, including it having its own TV and radio slots on national Christian radio. God has opened so many doors for this devotional to have a voice. We are regularly amazed at the doors that open to it. But it was always written with one thought in mind, written to inspire you in your walk with God, written to encourage you to live a great big life (John 10:10).
Due to so many requests, we have now taken what we feel are some of the best devotional thoughts from the first couple of years and compiled them into this book so that people can have a hard copy that they can keep, write on and go back to as they need. This is Andy’s first book and, we believe, the first of many to come. We hope you enjoy the wisdom, humour and challenges contained within its pages. On random days throughout the devotional, Andy throws in a further quote or nugget to chew over as well as prayers and challenges.
Our prayer is that this devotional will lead you ever closer to Jesus and cause you to walk in the inheritance He purchased for you by His own blood.