Bootcamp Missions Training eBook


This manual is to equip and prepare you spiritually, mentally and physically for mobilization on a mission trip. A digital certificate will be issued on successful completion.



I am pleased that you have chosen to travel to India on a short term missions trip with Global Ministries and Relief. I have been a missionary for over 30 years and my endeavors have taken me to many nations, cities and villages. India is wide open for the gospel and I am confident that your journey to this mystical nation will prove both challenging and fruitful. It is probably going to be challenging because of the huge cultural difference between your way of life, values and culture and the peoples of India.
My most concentrated missions efforts have been in Africa which is also a huge cultural leap but in going to India I was amazed at how this nations lifestyle affected me. I want to warn you to be prepared for difference. It will be fruitful because you will preach the gospel personally and publically and see many lives coming to Christ. This is why we are there to boldly proclaim the gospel and to make disciples of those who embrace the way of salvation.
Your team will play an important role because:
You will rescue souls from the grip of Satan and hell
Your efforts will grow the Church
Your local church will be expanded in that when you go they will go and your congregation will reap the benefits of eternity
Your own spiritual walk with God will become stronger and closer
You will develop a close bond with your missions team and lasting friendships will be forged
It is my prayer that the preparation for the trip which we have called “Boot Camp” will be as rewarding as the missions trip.
For your growth and the advance of the gospel,
Dr. Leon van Rooyen