A few years ago, Dr. Leon and Bridgette van Rooyen found themselves faced with a severe trial. Their youngest son was stricken with a disease that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Their friends and team rallied around them in fervent prayer, and within days, God raised their son up, fully restored to health.

As an act of thanksgiving, Dr. Leon desired to make GMR available to connect in prayer two groups:

1) Those in need or in crisis
2) Those who desire to give support to others through prayer

Prayer Landing PageTo join the prayer team, send a prayer request or share a prayer testimony just click on the relevant link and fill in the form.

This simple desire to give back has borne tremendous fruit.

A devoted, compassionate team of intercessors is headed by our Prayer Coordinator Sharon Bente.

Sharon’s commitment is to unite strangers and friends who share a common purpose: to be lifted up by prayer.

  • We invite you to join us in becoming a part of our vital prayer ministry.
  • If you are in need, we invite you to make use of our services.
  • If you have a testimony of answered prayer, please send it to us. (This testimony may be used to encourage the prayer team, and in sending it, you grant GMR permission to use it.)