Plugged In

  • Plugged In

    I am quite into using my technology. ‘Quite,’ is an understatement, I am a borderline geek, except ‘geek’ is not very self-complimentary. It means a socially inept person or one who engages in computer-related tasks obsessively or with attention to technical detail. Let’s put it this way, when I plug all my iPhones, iPad, iWatch, MacBook, iPod, Kindle, Bluetooth earpiece, and Bluetooth speaker I have used every plug in my hotel room, and have a dozen flashing lights that makes my room look somewhat like a disco or an airport runway. My phone battery lasts about six hours before I have to plug it in. My iPad and Notebook lasts at least, eight hours at a time, but I don’t use those devices as much as my phone. The devices that I use the most must be topped up at the end of the day, to prevent them from going into the red.

    Our spiritual lives are something like the devices we have grown accustomed to using on a daily, hourly, or for some almost every minute, basis. We have to stay fully charged and to do that we must be plugged in. The more we use the devices, the more we need to stay charged. The Apostle Paul instructed Timothy, a young protégé, to stay plugged in because he was running with a little charge:

    2 Timothy 1:6
    “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands”

    Here is Leon’s Expanded Unpublished Translation – “Timothy, you can’t accomplish all that God has called you to do, running on empty. I remind you to plug in and stay charged daily. You will be powerfully used by God, but you must stay charged!”

    The Lord taught the disciples to pray for their daily bread. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Or in a modern smart device era we would pray, “Please keep me supplied with enough charge for today.”

    We have to intentionally plug into the power and strength that comes from God alone. This heavenly download is not automatic or caught in the atmosphere. To do this, we have to draw near to God; we have to press into His presence; we have to receive from Him by faith.

    • Plug into the Word of God by reading and studying it every day
    • Plug in through personal prayer and worship
    • Plug in by praying in the spirit
    • Plug in by receiving impartations from anointed leaders
    • Plug in by fellowshipping with other Christians and doing life together

    Just as I charge my various devices into the wall socket, so your life must be plugged into the power of God:

    • Your vision needs to be charged
    • Your faith needs to be charged
    • Your ministry gifts charged
    • Your strength and health charged

    Make sure you are plugged into the source of true power. Pray a moment. Draw on the power of God at every moment. (Unknown)

    My closing thoughts – Stay fully charged and then flow with the supply of God!