1M Strategy

Since the Great Commission was not intended merely to accumulate decisions for Christ but to mobilize every Christian to reproduce disciples (students) of Christ, this is precisely the focus of our 1M Strategy.

We are raising one million students (disciples) from all over the world to be trained, shaped, and equipped to become reproducers and world changers.

Thousands of doors are open

Opportunity abounds to train multitudes of pastors in Africa, India, England, Germany, Romania, Latin America, the Caribbean, the USA, Canada, and beyond to operate Schools of Ministry within their churches.

These Schools of Ministry apply training tools created and adapted by Global Ministries Bible Institute (GMBI) to equip believers with effective ministry and leadership skills.

Every week we are launching new Schools of Ministry in the US, Canada, Europe, India and in Africa. Already we have over a thousand Schools of Ministry operating around the globe.

Students are being taught our life-changing and ministry-launching subjects. These men and women are devouring the training materials as if their lives depended upon it. These world-changing Christians are learning not only how to live in stability but also how to serve in authority and courage.

The 1M Strategy

  • Translating all of our teaching materials into various languages
  • Expanding the eBible Institute online training program (eBI)
  • Making online video sessions available
  • Purchasing printers and supplies for in-house production of manuals within impoverished nations
  • Training thousands of pastors each year – once the pastors are trained they can operate a registered School of Ministry in their local church

How to be a part of the 1M Strategy

You can be a part of the 1M Strategy through partnership, prayer support, or by going and helping set up schools.

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