Welcome to SOM - Hundreds of local churches from all over the world are using this dynamic curriculum to disciple and train believers from foundational truths to
becoming effective ministers and leaders.

Over 150,000 students are currently being trained at diploma level. Thousands of believers including pastors, evangelists, ministers and missionaries are in the process of being trained and thousands have already graduated. Schools of Ministry exist to facilitate the local church pastor in the training and equipping of the saints.


We offer 15 powerful training manuals that will awaken the believers potential and knowledge in the Word of God. This resource is designed to assist the local churches Bible training and to equip believers for life and ministry.

Not only are you joining one of the fastest growing Bible training institutes, but you are also becoming part of our 1M Strategy that seeks to raise up one million students (not just students but Global Leaders and world-changers!)

1. Discovery
2. Healing School
3. Prayer School
4. Evangelism I
5. Principles of Faith
6. Knowing God’s Will and Voice
7. Christian Doctrine
8. Christian Character

9. Christian Stewardship
10. The Glorious Church
11. Theology and Life
12. Christian Leadership I
13. Christian Leadership II
14. Evangelism II
15. Christian Ministry

*Students can transfer diploma credits toward an accredited degree with Global Theological University.

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