Spiritual Leadership Training (SLT)
A Mentorship Training Program

Global Ministries Bible Institute and Global Theological University have over 150,000 students and Schools of Ministry around the globe.

What is needed now, and most urgently, are strong, powerful, and spiritual leaders to guide and inspire the Church! This year will you become one of these leaders? Enroll in our Spiritual Leadership Training today and allow Dr. Leon van Rooyen to be your mentor.

SLT Overview

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Spiritual Leadership Training

My existing books and training materials have been sold in many nations and various languages. I have devoted years to leadership training, mentoring pastors, and developing emerging leaders. Besides all my travels and conducting many meetings, I have devoted the last two years writing an intensive training program to equip and train powerful, radical, and skilled leaders. I have poured over 45 years of ministry experience and study into this Spiritual Leadership Training (SLT) program, and I feel like this is my best work ever!



Founder & President of Global Ministries and Relief


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