Global Ministries Bible Institute and Global Theological University have over 150,000 students and Schools of Ministry around the globe.

This online educational program has a proven reputation with thousands of pastors, evangelists, ministers, and missionaries who are in the process of being trained or have already graduated. eBI is an online program that is training believers to become effective ministers and leaders. When students enroll in this affordable online Diploma program, they will receive access to fifteen powerful subjects and a daily devotional called “Capture.”


Bible Education is essential for every believer in order to develop a solid foundation of faith and personal growth. The Online Training Program that we offer has been designed to help equip believers for life and ministry.


1. Discovery
2. Healing School
3. Prayer School
4. Evangelism I
5. Principles of Faith
6. Knowing God’s Will and Voice
7. Christian Doctrine
8. Christian Character

9. Christian Stewardship
10. The Glorious Church
11. Theology and Life
12. Christian Leadership I
13. Christian Leadership II
14. Evangelism II
15. Christian Ministry
16. Capture

Online eBooks and Manuals – These books are downloads only and cannot be used as an option for the School of Ministry.

Price: $399USD  *Enrollment takes up to 48-72 hours.


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    I understand that as an online student, I will receive a Digital Diploma at no charge. I may request a paper Diploma with Gold Seal at a cost of $30 shipping included. This must be paid before a Diploma is mailed.