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eBible Institute Diploma of Christian Ministry

Earn a Diploma in Christian Ministry from Global Ministries Bible Institute. Download the brochure here.

Enroll now by completing one easy step through our online payment at the GMR shop, or email your inquiries or requirements to support@gmrinc.org.

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Over 150,000 students have been trained at diploma level and thousands of students have already graduated.

This online education program has a proven reputation with thousands of pastors, evangelists, ministers, and missionaries in the process of being trained or graduated.

eBible Institute is an online program that is training believers to become effective ministers and leaders. When you enroll in this affordable online Diploma program you will receive access to sixteen powerful subjects.

The sixteen subjects includes a daily devotion called “Breakfast of Champions.” The courses cover subjects that will give students a balanced understanding of the Word as well as skills pertaining to their walk and ministry. Here is a list of the sixteen subjects:

  1. Breakfast of Champions (Daily devotional – to be done while working through the program)
  2. Discovery
  3. Healing School
  4. Prayer School
  5. Evangelism I
  6. Principles of Faith
  7. Knowing God’s Will and Voice
  8. Christian Doctrine
  9. Christian Character
  10. Christian Stewardship
  11. The Glorious Church
  12. Theology and Life
  13. Christian Leadership I
  14. Christian Leadership II
  15. Evangelism II
  16. Christian Ministry

About the eBible Institute Diploma Program

  • You can download and print
  • Simple to use; you don’t have to be advanced in computer skills
  • At the end of each chapter, you have a multiple choice assignment. This is marked instantly and your grade recorded in your transcript
  • You are able to communicate with other students and staff
  • 24/7 access (limited maintenance times)
  • Work at your own pace
  • You have access for 2 years
  • Students receive motivational monthly letters from staff
  • Affordable Cost only $349
  • At the successful completion of eBI there is an additional Diploma Fee of $50 for the physical diploma to be printed and mailed to the graduating student. Electronic Diploma certificates are free and emailed to the student
  • If payment is made via bank wire and not via the GMR shop it will incur an extra cost of $30

Online eBooks/manuals – are a download only and cannot be used as an option for the School of Ministry nor does it qualify students for a Diploma. Online eBooks do not contain the test at the end of each manual.