Dr. Philip Smethurst – Founder, Overland Missions

Dr. Philip SmethurstDr. Leon van Rooyen is no less than a legend in his own lifetime. In the First World his life echoes through great organizations that he has built and empowered, but his impact has been even greater in the Third World where the unsung heroes of his ministry reference him as their father.

Over the last 30 years of ministry, he has raised up men and women to take powerful places of leadership, reaching and maximizing their destinies within the Kingdom of God.

He led me to Christ in 1982 and has raised me in Christ over the last 24 years as a father in the faith. I am indebted to him for that which I could never repay.

Dr. Philip Smethurst
Founder, Overland Missions/ Rural Pastors Network/ Life Project

Mike Martens – Senior Pastor, Life Changing Church

Dr. Leon van Rooyen exemplifies true Christian character and integrity in a time when it is so desperately needed in the Body of Christ. His great love and compassion reaches out to everyone and is evident to all those who have heard him speak. He has a great passion to reach the world with the gospel and is a living example for all to see and emulate.

His messages come from the heart of God, challenging and urging others to fulfill their calling. His ministry is having a lasting impact throughout the world. Dr. van Rooyen has been a blessing to our church, impacting and equipping us for these last days.

Life Changing Church
Florissant, MO

Dr. Robert and Pam Armstrong – Senior Pastors, Living Water Church

We wish to commend to you Dr. Leon van Rooyen, a friend and mentor in Christ whom we have known for 12 years. He has been a tremendous resource for us personally and for our ministry as pastors of Living Water Church. We have traveled and ministered with Dr. Leon nationally and internationally (including to the Caribbean and Africa), seeing the power of the Holy Spirit save, heal, and deliver many.

Our Bible Institute, Living Water Church Bible Institute, currently serves as an extension school for Dr. Leon’s Christian education program, Global Ministries Bible Institute. The curriculum has benefited our students and our church with solid Christian growth and maturity in the Lord. Dr. Leon has ministered frequently in our church and is always warmly welcomed and received by our leaders and members. His ministry as apostle, teacher, and friend is highly recommended by us as pastors and leaders in the Body of Christ.

Pastors Dr. Robert and Pam Armstrong
Living Water Church
Springfield, IL

Pastor Neal & Deborah Hughes, Cornerstone AG – Beulah, MI

unnamedDr. Leon van Rooyen has been a great friend, mentor and a spiritual father to both Deborah and myself as well at the entire Cornerstone family. He challenges and urges us to fulfill our calling and divine destiny in God. Dr. Leon’s ministry has had a lasting impact upon us, equipping and training us to do the work for these last days. He is a man dedicated to the growth and establishment of the Church. He is also passionate about the harvest and making disciples of all nations.
Both Deborah and I have graduated from Global Ministries Bible Institute and taught the curriculum for the Diploma of Ministry classes. As part of our membership training classes, we use the first course – Discovery to teach all new church members. The GMBI School of Ministry program has been an asset to our church body and has helped us produce mature strong disciples.

Pastor Neal & Deborah Hughes
Cornerstone AG – Beulah, MI


Dr. Leon van Rooyen is a powerful international speaker with a balanced approach in his teaching. His message will encourage, provoke, and activate your effectiveness as a believer. You will be challenged to a whole new level. Dr. van Rooyen has a contagious fire and passion for the harvest that will inspire a fresh vision for the Kingdom of God. I had the opportunity to attend several of his meetings, the first of which radically changed my life. My heart was ignited with a renewed hope and a desire to increase my potential by being my best for God.

I am grateful to work with a ministry that is vigilant in making a difference by providing assistance, support, and care to suffering peoples throughout the world. GMR has a team of compassionate, servant-hearted individuals who bring results by following their leader. As head of GMR, Dr. van Rooyen is highly devoted to the standards of honor and righteousness; walking in a spirit of leadership and integrity that inspires others to realize their authority in the Kingdom.

Rev. Dorothyann White
Global Ministries and Relief – Chief Executive Officer

Jon Callahan – Senior Pastor, Harvest Church

I want to take this opportunity to highly recommend Dr. Leon van Rooyen as a leader, educator, author, and Bible teacher. Through many years of Christian ministry and humanitarian endeavors, Dr. van Rooyen understands the mission of the Church and the purposes of the Body of Christ like few men I know.

He has faithfully served on the board of our ministry for over 8 years, has ministered in our congregation consistently for the past 14 years, and is a frequent guest in our home. Every time he ministers the Word, our body reaps a harvest of fruit that remains. He is dedicated to the local church and to the Body of Christ. Dr. van Rooyen adds great value to any forum in which participates.

Harvest Church
Urbana, IL

Rev. Jon Zuckerman – GMR International Missionary

I was the first person to meet Dr. Leon several years ago when he arrived in Florida from South Africa. Within the next few months he defined his calling to this nation to bring revival and to train leaders and make strong disciples. Subsequently, he trained me how to respect and minister to the whole man and how to impart this into the leaders of various nations.

I have traveled with Dr. Leon as a part of his team to diverse places and nations and have witnessed firsthand that his ministry is committed to excellence and integrity.

Rev. Jon D. Zuckerman
Tampa, FL

Bob Thomas – Senior Pastor, Church of the Harvest

Dr. Leon is a passionate, sold-out servant of the Lord whose ministry is marked by integrity, humility, and godly character. The anointing of God is upon him to transform lives (especially those in leadership) from mediocrity to radical freedom in order to be abandoned in God’s service.

Dr. Leon is also an accomplished author and humanitarian. The impact of his apostolic calling has provoked and influenced our church and my life to reach new heights in God. I highly recommend his ministry to all.

Pastor Bob Thomas
Church of the Harvest
Olive Branch, MS

The Simpson County Pastors and Ministers Alliance

Anointed, challenging and inspiring are examples that quickly come to mind regarding Dr. Leon van Rooyen’s visit to our town this past week. His theology and doctrine was sound as he spoke on commitment (from pastor to sheep, sheep to pastor and to those who are without Christ). New insights on leadership were gained as well as the importance of vision which inspired new levels of loyalty and dedication. Most churches in America have plateaued, thus becoming stagnant. But out of stagnation there can arise a strong, fruitful body of believers who boldly go out and multiply for the Kingdom’s sake.

As the prophet Haggai, Dr. Leon was sent here by God to awaken the people from their lethargy and restore renewed vigor for accomplishment, courage in the Lord, renewed holiness of life and renewed faith in God. The Simpson County Pastors and Ministers Alliance wholeheartedly recommends Dr. Leon and the message that he brings in this last day.

The Simpson County Pastors and Ministers Alliance MS

Pastor Alan Leonhardt – Senior Pastor, Hastings Assembly of God

I would greatly recommend the ministry of Dr. Leon van Rooyen and Global Ministries and Relief. We have had Dr. van Rooyen come annually to our church for the past few years. Our lives have been greatly enriched by his teaching and preaching gift but also by the fresh anointing he brings. He has helped us go deeper in our understanding of the ways of God and His Word.

As a church, we have used the Global Ministries Bible Institute material and find it to be instructional as well as devotional. It has enriched us spiritually and helped us to produce solid disciples. We share the same desire to see Spirit-filled leadership equipped to reproduce. Through the GMBI course, this goal can be realized. His passion to see souls added to the Kingdom, to develop leaders, and to encourage loyalty and passion for the local church has greatly blessed me as a pastor.

Pastor Alan Leonhardt
Hastings AG
Beulah, MI