How to Relate to GMR

We were saved into a dynamic relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We were not just saved from our sins and hell but, even more importantly, we were saved to know and to enjoy God. Our salvation grants us an approach to God without a sense of sin or guilt.

Unlike Adam and Eve, we do not hide or cower from God in the sense of nakedness and unworthiness. The Blood of Jesus not only offers us forgiveness but, more importantly, a personal relationship with God.

There is another aspect to this great salvation and that is we were also saved and added to the Church or to the community of faith. As a result, we understand that we not only have a relationship with God but also with fellow believers throughout the world.

I say all this to share that, as a ministry, we are open to relationships with churches, leaders, and believers from all nations.

You can relate with Global Ministries and Relief in the following ways: